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Key Features Every Employer Loves


Post a job in 60 seconds – via mobile or desktop

Instead of posting a long (and boring) job description – which, let’s face it, no one reads – on JobsInTheIllawarra you simply post what you need.


Target job seekers by qualification, skill, experience industry and availability

Post your job title, the skills, qualifications, experience and even personal attributes you need in your candidate, the days and hours you need them and JobsInTheIllawarra will do the rest.

JobsInTheIllawarra instantly notifies all matching and available jobseekers of your job – direct to their phones – and posts your job out to our network of job sites.


Get candidates and applications ranked in order of best fit

Then, when candidates apply, we rank each and every one in order of best fit for you – so you don’t have to.

No more application avalanche or wading through piles of irrelevant resumes. JobsInTheIllawarra shows you the cream of the crop, right up front.


Our simple 1-click filtering makes sorting easy
Sort your candidates into shortlist, maybe and no in a matter of seconds. You can also bulk message or bulk send video interview your shortlisted candidates to see the person behind the screen before you invite them in for a face to face interview.


Give your Candidates a great experience

A bad Candidate Experience can turn an Advocate for your brand into an Activist against your brand.

JobsInTheIllawarra makes giving a great candidate experience easy by allowing you to send personalised responses and feedback to candidates.

You can also engage with your own Job Network, market your employer brand and get to know your candidates.


Cut your average time-to-fill a role from weeks to days (if not hours).

Save time on the selection process with our video interviewing which allows you to see the person behind the resume.

By leveraging mobile technology, JobsInTheIllawarra not only allows you to reach the right people in real-time but also access it anywhere, anytime from your desktop or favourite smart device.

What Employers think..


“Really quick and easy no drama to use. Got the ad up in 10 mins.”

—  Alison, Local Business Owner

“Within 24 hours we had found the staff we needed to fulfil these orders including a specialist chocolate bouquet maker.”

—  Elizabeth, Franchise Owner, Lollypotz

What Illawarra Locals think…


“Finally a local employment site that delivers! I set up my own profile in 10 minutes and instantly started getting job notifications that were suited to my skills and experience. I would highly recommend this site to anyone serious about finding work.”

—  Illawarra Jobseeker

“Seriously recommend using this site to find a job. When I registered I had been unemployed for some time. Once I was set up the number of contacts I received for interviews was unbelievable. As a result I now have my dream job!”

—  Illawarra Jobseeker.